Nutres is Doctor Recommended!

From the desk of Dr. Mark Weis:

Doctor Reviews

Managing patients who are overweight is a common issue for primary physicians. Being overweight not only causes patients to suffer from fatigue, low self-esteem, and depression, it is also a major risk factor for development of diabetes, heart attacks, stroke, and many other worrisome medical conditions. While numerous advances (pills, etc.) have been made in the medical management of many conditions, very few such advances have been made as regards the treatment of persons suffering from weight concerns-and what pills do exist result in very little weight loss and have exorbitant cost. It is because of this that I am pleased to have a product such as Nutres that I can recommend as a treatment for my patients who suffer from being overweight and weight-related medical conditions.

As a busy primary care physician involved in the care of many patients who have difficulty controlling their weight, I find numerous aspects about Nutres reassuring: (1) Many over the counter products are poorly researched, cheap formulations that are essentially nothing more than vitamins sold via slick marketing techniques; the creation and release of Nutres, on the other hand, occurred only after the completion of an incredible amount of research and development to help ensure its safety and effectiveness. (2) If I have learned anything in my twenty years of experience taking care of patients with weight problems it is that everybody wants a magic bullet: they want a pill that will help them lose weight whether they exercise or not; and (3) Users only have to take it once a day. This has been shown with all medications to help improve the likelihood that a person will take it as directed and thus receive its full benefit.

I am pleased to be able to be associated with Nutres and encourage you to try this important advance in the treatment of weight problems.

Mark Weis, MD